October 2012
Dear Debbie,

When my wife Sabine and I applied for a mortgage we had no idea just how difficult it might be. Sabine being a German citizen and having only lived in the UK for a short time, had no credit history here in the UK despite having Coutts and Co as our bankers.

My advancing years meant that any mortgage issued would be severely limited in terms of a payback period.

So what did we do? We dumped the problem into Debbie’s lap!. And what did she do?

Debbie did everything and quickly to get us the best available deal. She came to our home in the evening and at the weekend so as to get everything moving quickly. She even counselled our cats whilst she was there.

The mortgage offer came through from one of the leading lenders at the right amount, and we were off and running. Unfortunately Bromley Borough Council then held up the deal for about four months, but this was not down to Debbie.

Indeed throughout the whole period Debbie was friendly, helpful and always willing to do just that bit more to help us achieve our dream home. Sabine and I would have no hesitation in recommending Debbie – her “Compass” certainly brought us safely to our home!

Thanks a Million.

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