From Bob and Eileen Maidment

April 2014

I believe the daunting area of understanding mortgages is the reason for most people’s delay in making decisions of starting a new mortgage or re-mortgaging to secure their homes and investments.

After meeting Simms and Debbie at MPIS, I felt more secure and confident in this decision making. This ‘dark’ area had just had the ‘lights turned on’.
Simms can listen to your financial desires and assess your position, then draw from his experience and advise the options open to you…after your decision is made, you can sit back, relax and Simms takes over!

I have found this to be a stress free situation as Simms and Debbie plough through the documents and secure new mortgages neatly and in a timely manner.
Pensions, wills and trusts are also connected as further options. Again with the ‘lights turned on’ decisions are easier to make, and Simms will provide his impeccable service.

As the years have passed I have realised how secure my wife and I are in the knowledge that we have done the best we could with the options available.
We didn’t realise what was available and how to ‘get there’ until Simms entered the picture.
With confidence, it is easy to recommend the services of MPIS.

Thank you to Simms and Debbie

Best regards

Bob and Eileen Maidment

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