From Brian Nott

June 2019

We were like any modern-day family, with my wife and I simply feeling that we were too busy due to working and running around after our three children to sort out the grown-up things such as wills, mortgage reviews, insurance policies and pensions. Obviously as time went on money became tight and our relationship with MIPS began, that was some seven years or so ago now.

Like many we also thought that we were young and invincible and that life’s catastrophes would never happen to us, but sadly life can be very cruel sometimes. Thankfully we had already engaged with MIPS and our financial planning meant we were in good shape. So, from the moment my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, throughout her illness to when she sadly passed away, we and then I had MIPS to turn to for finical advice.

I have been able to bounce back because MIPS’s help and they have continued to advise and guide me.

I honestly do not know how I would have dealt with the stresses of reality and remaining that all important strength to my children if I had to deal with financial pressures throughout and indeed after too.

Thank you, guys, for everything.

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