April 2013
Dear Simms.

I would like to take this opportunity, to commend you on your success as a financial advisor.

I was truly impressed with your presentation which you did at Gomer Faith Ministries ‘Family Focus’ Conference in October 2012.

Your charismatic personality truly gravitated the audience. They were impressed, and engaged with the topics which you discussed about.

I was pleased in the way you were able to hold the audience’s attention. It was great that the audience had the opportunity to ask you questions, and most importantly you were able to answer their questions.
Without your thoughtful planning and oversight, an undertaking like this would have been nearly impossible.
Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes, for your continued success.
I believe that you exhibit many of the qualities that are essential for business managers, and will be recommending you to other organizations in the near future.

Thank you

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