From Pauline Olsen

March 2016

This is like a “one stop shop” as a service.   A friend recommended me to Simms who I knew had done extremely well through his advice over the years.

My first meeting was to sound out whether it was even feasible on what I wanted to achieve.   I wished to purchase a house on a “buy to let” mortgage for pension purposes. I also needed an investment trust and a will to protect my daughter and her children long term from other eventualities.     Simms from the first meeting reassured me that it could all be done and that my loose plan was achievable.   He sorted out painlessly all the practicalities on re-mortgaging and drawing down funds from other properties, discussing pros and cons of Executors, Trustees, Solicitors, etc. and making sure that I would still have sufficient monies if my job folded.

After some months all was ready to go, just as it was announced that there would be an additional 3% stamp tax duty in the budget if I did not complete a purchase before 31st March. This placed a double whammy on me as I needed to find a property not only quickly but unencumbered, otherwise I would incur an extra £16,000 in stamp duty!     Added to this I worked full time.   Super Simms again came to the rescue and introduced me to Deborah, a lady who was very property savvy. She researched properties on line for me and sourced and vetted them looking at value for money. This turned out to be invaluable as she recommended the property that I subsequently purchased albeit that the purchase went right up to the deadline wire.

In a nutshell it really is a “One Stop Shop Service” and I would not go anywhere else for financial advice!

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