From Marlon Merriman

April 2016

I was first introduced to MPIS two years ago by my sister, who referred Simms Raymond to me as a result of the service he provided her. From a financial stability perspective, it was the best referral that I have ever received.

Simms has a very friendly non-intrusive approach, and came to our home at a time when my son was planning to go to university. The cost for degree courses had just risen to £9,000 and we had to support the maintenance loan and my son’s rental accommodation fee if we wanted help him realise his and our ambitions. At this same time we had plans of renewing our life insurance and writing a will.

Simms provided an outstanding timely personal service to my wife and me. He identified what our needs and ambitions were and manage to pull together an inclusive financial package by re-mortgaging one of my properties and formulating a Trust fund to protect our legacy. His extensive knowledge in finance is exceptionally broad and deep.

With this knowledge, Simms provided us with a tailored personal service over and above our expectations. We listened to his advice carefully and trusted him to help secure our future and wellbeing. As a result of working with MPIS, we are today now in a financially secure place that is beyond our dreams, and take comfort from the fact that MPIS continues to monitor the financial market and our position and contacts us in advance of any beneficial changes.

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