Miss Jennifer Grey

November 2015

I am writing this testimonial about the excellent service which I have received from MPIS and the individual support and guidance which I was given by Mr Simms Raymond.

I found myself in a financial predicament and I felt my home could be at risk. I was introduced to Simms Raymond by a colleague and at our first meeting he was able to establish I had no leverage in my finances and was on a road to nowhere as I was only servicing my debts and not clearing them. He completed a financial analysis which gave me the full picture. I knew the only way out was to re-mortgage my home, but I was not confident that I would be successful due to my age, salary and some default payments on my credit cards.

Within 2 months of our first meeting, I was now in a strong position of having got a new mortgage, cleared all my credit cards and loans, with additional borrowing that I could invest into an ISA for the future. The crème de la crème of my story is that Simms was able to secure for me a favourable borrowing rate of 1.45%, that I could never have imagined I would have been accepted for.

If I had not received the support from Simms I know that I would have had a mental breakdown as I can only liken my situation to being in a ditch with soft earth falling in on me, with no way to climb out! Simms gave me an outstretched hand and pulled me out.

Thank you Simms and MPIS for this life line.

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