John and Carly Perkins

August 2016

Whilst sitting by the pool of a beautiful villa in Southern Italy which you have fallen in love with and have, on the spur of the moment, decided to purchase, plus a buy to let and a residential mortgage due for renewal – who do you contact?

MPIS, that’s who you contact, or to be more precise Debbie Compas.

The Perkins family, that’s us by the way, has known Debbie for some time having been rescued by MPIS with our last mortgages, mainly because we are self-employed and nobody wanted us.

She has an uncanny way of finding all the right people and an even more uncanny way of finding the right people to say yes when it comes to mortgage services.

Debbie is also on your side from the outset, especially in this case, when to anyone in their right mind, our proposal seemed unusual, badly timed, if not a bit daft.

She takes the brief, however complicated it is (and believe us this was complicated) and runs it with 100 percent commitment.

Our dream has come true with a wonderful villa and a sizable property portfolio that will support our pension in future years and one hopes secure our children’s future as well.

Thank you Debbie.

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