Bob and Eileen Maidment

September 2016

As you may know Eileen and I have been talking on and off for some time now about moving house and we have been searching for a bungalow in the Old Stevenage area.

They are very few and far between but the 3/4 bedroom ones that we have noted from Rightmove etc. have looked very attractive.

We have not found one yet to make an offer but thought we would like to update you of our position.

We have had our house valued at £650,000 which we are very happy with and it went on the market a few days ago.

As you know is with your guidance and advice that we have been able to pay off our own mortgage early and now have a very favourable position to make offers on our next residence.

Thanks for being there for us, your friendship is invaluable to us…..and for Alex and Anna.

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