Ian Turner

As an investment banker with very little time to look after my own affairs I was introduced to MPIS and Simms Raymond in 2011, I needed a pension review.

What a fantastic decision it has been to engage their services as my pension has nearly doubled in value. I meet with Simms every year for a review meeting and he and Debbie are always available to take my calls at any other time.

I would highly recommend MPIS to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.

April 2018

Anna Lett

March 2018

7 years ago I was faced with the daunting but exciting prospect of buying my first home and wasn’t sure how I could financially move forward in trusting anyone to genuinely have my best interests at heart.

My father recommended Simms and Debbie as he has been using their services for many years and finds them invaluable.

I was truly warmed by Simms, with his extensive knowledge and passion to help. With no hesitation we got a fantastic deal on our first mortgage, and with a number of renewals since then he has always ensured we get the best. Debbie is also absolutely invaluable to us during the process of buying property – always at the end of the phone or email for help.

7 years later, with Simms and Debbie’s property and financial knowledge, I now own 2 properties with a healthy financial outlook and will continue to build on this for many years to come with Simms and Debbie.

Carol and Roger

September 2017

We needed to remortgage a couple of buy to let properties, and we realised that due to our ages this would not be an easy task, however we were introduced to MPIS and their calm and considerate approach meant that right from our initial meeting, when they collected all the relevant information, they easily grasped what we wanted to do. They came back very quickly with practical suggestions as to how we could achieve the results that we needed.

Their explanation of the available options was made clear in a very understandable but comprehensive manner. At no time in the process did we feel that we were out of our depth, and our phone calls were answered or messages returned promptly, as were our many emails.

MPIS were therefore able to resolve any minor queries that arose without delay, dealing with the funders and the solicitors directly.

We felt comfortable throughout with the direction and support that we received from MPIS, and we will most certainly be asking MPIS to assist us in the future.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MPIS to anyone looking for a truly professional financial adviser.

C & R

J Longmore

March 2017

Simms Raymond and his team have provided me with an exceptional service for my financial life plans.  I have been impressed with their professional advice , commitment and the guidance I have received . I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

J Longmore  LLB

From Steve Bradley

December 2016

I have been dealing with Simms and Debbie at MPIS for almost a decade now and originally started working with them on my mortgage. I then moved on to work with them on planning my pension, it is still early days on that front but the results and growth in the plan have been very impressive and I am feeling very confident for the future.

Steve Bradley
Operations Director
Fitness4Less Group Limited

Bob and Eileen Maidment

September 2016

As you may know Eileen and I have been talking on and off for some time now about moving house and we have been searching for a bungalow in the Old Stevenage area.

They are very few and far between but the 3/4 bedroom ones that we have noted from Rightmove etc. have looked very attractive.

We have not found one yet to make an offer but thought we would like to update you of our position.

We have had our house valued at £650,000 which we are very happy with and it went on the market a few days ago.

As you know is with your guidance and advice that we have been able to pay off our own mortgage early and now have a very favourable position to make offers on our next residence.

Thanks for being there for us, your friendship is invaluable to us…..and for Alex and Anna.

John and Carly Perkins

August 2016

Whilst sitting by the pool of a beautiful villa in Southern Italy which you have fallen in love with and have, on the spur of the moment, decided to purchase, plus a buy to let and a residential mortgage due for renewal – who do you contact?

MPIS, that’s who you contact, or to be more precise Debbie Compas.

The Perkins family, that’s us by the way, has known Debbie for some time having been rescued by MPIS with our last mortgages, mainly because we are self-employed and nobody wanted us.

She has an uncanny way of finding all the right people and an even more uncanny way of finding the right people to say yes when it comes to mortgage services.

Debbie is also on your side from the outset, especially in this case, when to anyone in their right mind, our proposal seemed unusual, badly timed, if not a bit daft.

She takes the brief, however complicated it is (and believe us this was complicated) and runs it with 100 percent commitment.

Our dream has come true with a wonderful villa and a sizable property portfolio that will support our pension in future years and one hopes secure our children’s future as well.

Thank you Debbie.

From Victoria Dove

June 2016

As first time buyers we didn’t really know where to begin with our property purchase. Debbie was friendly, professional, understanding and flexible and got us a great deal even though we had some credit issues and other lenders had turned us down. I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie and in fact we just worked with her again on our remortgage where again she got us a cracking deal. When it comes to buying our forever home Debbie will be our first port of call.


From Marlon Merriman

April 2016

I was first introduced to MPIS two years ago by my sister, who referred Simms Raymond to me as a result of the service he provided her. From a financial stability perspective, it was the best referral that I have ever received.

Simms has a very friendly non-intrusive approach, and came to our home at a time when my son was planning to go to university. The cost for degree courses had just risen to £9,000 and we had to support the maintenance loan and my son’s rental accommodation fee if we wanted help him realise his and our ambitions. At this same time we had plans of renewing our life insurance and writing a will.

Simms provided an outstanding timely personal service to my wife and me. He identified what our needs and ambitions were and manage to pull together an inclusive financial package by re-mortgaging one of my properties and formulating a Trust fund to protect our legacy. His extensive knowledge in finance is exceptionally broad and deep.

With this knowledge, Simms provided us with a tailored personal service over and above our expectations. We listened to his advice carefully and trusted him to help secure our future and wellbeing. As a result of working with MPIS, we are today now in a financially secure place that is beyond our dreams, and take comfort from the fact that MPIS continues to monitor the financial market and our position and contacts us in advance of any beneficial changes.

From Pauline Olsen

March 2016

This is like a “one stop shop” as a service.   A friend recommended me to Simms who I knew had done extremely well through his advice over the years.

My first meeting was to sound out whether it was even feasible on what I wanted to achieve.   I wished to purchase a house on a “buy to let” mortgage for pension purposes. I also needed an investment trust and a will to protect my daughter and her children long term from other eventualities.     Simms from the first meeting reassured me that it could all be done and that my loose plan was achievable.   He sorted out painlessly all the practicalities on re-mortgaging and drawing down funds from other properties, discussing pros and cons of Executors, Trustees, Solicitors, etc. and making sure that I would still have sufficient monies if my job folded.

After some months all was ready to go, just as it was announced that there would be an additional 3% stamp tax duty in the budget if I did not complete a purchase before 31st March. This placed a double whammy on me as I needed to find a property not only quickly but unencumbered, otherwise I would incur an extra £16,000 in stamp duty!     Added to this I worked full time.   Super Simms again came to the rescue and introduced me to Deborah, a lady who was very property savvy. She researched properties on line for me and sourced and vetted them looking at value for money. This turned out to be invaluable as she recommended the property that I subsequently purchased albeit that the purchase went right up to the deadline wire.

In a nutshell it really is a “One Stop Shop Service” and I would not go anywhere else for financial advice!

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